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Details on Fees & Insurance

Most health insurance plans provide some form of coverage for counseling services. Determination of coverage is best obtained with a call to your insurance company.

There are two general forms of coverage: In-Network and Out-of-Network.

Tracey Telehealth Therapy participates as an In-Network provider for Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. The agency is out of network for all other insurance plans.

Fee information and payment arrangements are discussed at the initial evaluation. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for all payment regardless of insurance reimbursement.

In-network benefits

In-network benefits cover some counseling services with clinicians who sign contracts with the insurance company to provide services at a set rate. With these benefits, the insurance company oversees the treatment and may limit your access to treatment over time as well as require disclosure of certain personal health information.


Out-of-network benefits cover counseling services with a clinician of your choice. Most plans require the patient to pay a deductible, and then reimburse a certain percentage of the fee after that, typically 75 or 80%. Some of these plans limit the number of sessions or the dollar amount that are reimbursable each year. 

Candidates for LCSW Supervision: Cost for individual Supervision is $100. The cost for weekly group supervision (group of four)  is $75.

Investing in you is so worth it!

Professional Consultation is more than just talking to a friend, it's getting the backing and knowledge of an expert in the field. It's when ethical dilemmas makes it challenging for you to make an informed decision. 

One hour consultation: $120.

Investing in you is so worth it!

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